Migrating to my Truth


Today we set sail with out Falcor. We still need tags, power steering and a toilet/bath/kitchen set up, BUT we are getting ever closer to my older two, and my Truth.

Today has been a seeming train wreck of a day, and yet, we find ourselves wrapped in creature comforts and feeling refreshed. My heart leaps at the idea of sharing more adventures with my teens, and it swells with the knowledge that its only going to get better from here.

Today, when we stopped at a gas station while my nervous level reached frustration, I looked down at this tiny man in my hand and I knew. I knew that no matter what, this is going to work, it has to. Right Jenn?

I feel like channels locked up for so long are bursting forth. Let the Adventures begin!


The end of the world as I knew it…

Woke up this morning, smiled at the rising Son and I felt this sense of peace and joy wash over me, the spark of living free. And I felt its stark contrast to the land of Babylon and stress and worry. I breathed in the potential of all things right and along the flow… I felt a release at the sense that its going to be this or better because spirit is saying its time for me to get on with my work. My purpose. Why I’m here. Why I survived. Spirit wants me to have all this. And MORE! I just got to get clear about what I want and keep it to that. What I want. Not what some one else thinks is best, doubting myself. Still that 8 yr old little girl inside sometimes doubts I can take care of her. I got this. I still haven’t decided on the sale of the bus. It depends on projects. I figure once I start ripping out the shelves and structures in here, I’m pretty much keeping it. If it stays this way and I’m ready to move on or something better has come along, then so be it. After mapping her first voyage, I came to find out that it’s much more limiting to have to find spots with facilities for me and my family. I’ve been inspired by self sustainable practices thus far, why would it change now? Self sustainable. Self contained.unnamed Its not going to take ­­that much to get her there; I just have to learn the methods of construction. OR we sell the bus and buy something with amenities already present. Either way, I am supported by Spirit. I am supported by Love. And I am supported by Mission.
My mission for some time now has been to help set our children free and support their parents while they do so. In these times, I’m living it, the ins the outs. The experiential knowledge is there baby. And our sprout is thriving! Last night he woke up three times to go potty in the middle of the night. DRY BED BIG BOY! This morning he has been blowing our minds with the virtual learning games on my phone. Matching memory games he seems to have a sixth sense with (imagine that.) counting, phonics (entire short vowel set is memorized other than Y), spelling and more, before 11 a.m. I know it’s not much right now, but it’s expanding his little mind that seems so hungry for knowledge. During our trip yesterday, he was spotting numbers and letters on bill boards from his perch in the van, calling them out, sounding out words, it was better than anything on the radio!

Yesterday I sat on the floor of a local yoga studio, with a goddess whom I love and respect and sold soap with my son. He helped “Lady” by cutting the bars and stacking them in the baskets. We walked out with a heavier purse and a lighter heart and the top of my head became nearly numb from the buzz of my crown chakra. I KNEW right then and there, that my life was beginning. Today, it’s the end of the world as I knew it, and I feel fine!

It ain’t all smooth sailin….

This morning I woke up with heavy heart, and that’s something that usually never happens to this happy hippy… but the fact is, it ain’t always smooth sailing.

After nearly every one of our dates coming and going with out one project even STARTED on the bus, I’m ready to sell. I made the mistake of trusting in what others said or did and boy, has that led me down a rabbit hole I had hopped to never go down again. We still have no bathroom, or kitchen or methods to keep clean on board and the sleeping arrangements are down right stressful. The futon I am using as a bed has been stickin when we raise and lower it, so I wanted to just leave it as a futon and build my platform. Well, as luck would have it, I am un able to hold a board, pound a nail AND provide a 4 yr old with breakfast, lunch and homeschooling. I need my tribe, a community and a place to rest for a while.

We will be heading out tomorrow to go back to the bus, get it tagged and a battery for it, then move it to a local camp. We have arrangements to stay there for 2 days. Then we will need to move the bus again, most likely to a piece of land we will rent out, or to some friends house where we will have to move it about every 7 days. Until we run out of friends in the area, LOL. I have 2 festivals scheduled per month from now until October. Momma needs a place to rest and recoup after each one. Packing a 40 ft. bus every few days does not a restful momma make… these are all the things so heavy on my heart this morning. Nothing is going to plan, and I’m unsure of which course to take now. And that’s not like this Cancer Rising Momma Magic! All I know, is I’m headed to Tennessee to see my boys, if I have to leave that bus on the side of the ROAD!

I think God is trying to tell me to not listen to what everyone else thinks my dreams should look like and start creating them alone. I think she may also be telling me, land needs to come FAST!

My body has released 3 babies in six months. And I know there are grand reasons behind all of them… although, I would love to set in my nest and let at least one of them grow…So it’s onward and upward and miss Willow will have to wait… for now. (unless your already in there. in that case. STAY! we will make it work. I promise!)

The amazing expanding family and the Spider Clan Van

Hey! Hi! How are you guys?!… I’m ah, present. Catchin my breath, and present.
We left the bus a few weeks ago to come south for Raven’s birth day and to work a short term job for cash to add some things to the bus (like a bathroom and kitchen. Necessity for kids n’ craftin! And let’s face it, the kitchen makes me happy!). Well, the job fell through and God/ddess has been good to us. It won’t be much longer now before we will be back on the road, just one more piece of business to tend to, then off we go!

While we have been parked, we were gifted a VAN! I’m so, so grateful that one more thing on our manifestation list has magic-ed in to our lives! We have takin it just around town and already it is easier on me and my little sprout with room to grow! It has a tow hitch, so I can get a trailer later to put the booth in and save the whole inside of our car for PEOPLE! HOLY COW! I truly do feel like my dreams are all coming true. And I know my strong Faith is what brought us here and it will continue to guide us. Livin strong and free in Love and Respect.

Raven has just BLOSSOMED! He is spelling and READING some amazing books! We have him library cards from all of our journeys regular stops and he LOVES LOVES the library experience! I’m so excited to get our class room set up and a few remodels done to the bus so it’s a little more suitable for family. Hanging on it with Raven was, let’s just say, educational. *the biggest hurdle here was sleep space. My sleep space was also the living room and dinging room and everything space and right in front of the door. We are going to build a platform in the back to put my pallet on. Duiring the day it will fold down and away to make room for massage or class/music room, what ever the day calls for. This way sleep space is moved to the back of the bus.

We also need to install a seat belt ready chair for car seats. My idea is to buy an RV booth (or fashion one. Anyone a good carpenter and need massage? LOL) This way the table can be used for eating and card/game playing, no table seating for traveling and a small size sleep area. (I may just convert the front of the bus with the futon and the convertible twin to accommodations for two teens. Once the VW bus goes on top, I can move them to the back and put my space upstairs in the crows nest. <wink> These are all just ideas that take time and cash to complete. We have some festivals coming up and I hope to find land/ a place to hang and remodel the bus soon. As with all things though, all in Divine timing! I am always reassured as to how supported and loved I am.

For our next leg of the journey, it’s off to Tennessee for our first festival in what feels like FOREVER!(in all actuality, it’s only been about 6 weeks) This time we will be able to see my oldest two boys and re-unite them with their baby brother (after a two year separation), all the while everyone is having fun in a family safe environment and momma is makin the bread. Life is good my friends It’s like a dream come true for all of us. The Never Ending Family.

BTW, I’m sorry it’s been so long between posts. Internet and the time to write have both been pretty shady.  I’m manifesting some new technology for our bus so the kids can all have access to the education they need and I have the comms I need to run our business and continue on the expansion of my creative abilities. (soap floats has been my latest adventure!)
As I speak the little man is asking to go from our public, loud location where we came to get this uploaded. Heaven, bring Falcor wifi, so momma can write while the baby is restin!

Lovin you all!

Stay Tuned!

Today I’m headed back up north after a fun weekend excursion to the south. We have just about hit our mark to get Falcor his shiny new tags, and I gotta tell ya, I’ll be glad to get back to him! In such a short time, that space has become my cocoon, my inner sanctum. We are going to have to keep our patient pants on though, looks like it will be a few more days before we plan to head back that way, hopefully with his tags in hand! THEN, it’s more planning on the fund raiser and paint party!! Seems like life has us on a whirl wind adventure and baby, it’s only gettin better from here! We are perfecting soap and spray recipes, makin some body budda with real kind ingredients, and keeping the family together in music. love, creation and LOVE! Stay tuned!


Toddlers, Timelines and Tables

It’s so so good to be back with my little prince! He rights all the wrongs in this world and just his smile makes everything alright! He still hasn’t seen our magic school bus yet, but he sounded pretty darned excited about it when we showed him the pics! Next up, we are heading out of town for some work so we can afford tags for Falcor. Then we will drive him down to our Little Bird and his daddy, so he can help us get it nice and toddler ready. I count my blessings everyday to co-parent with another Kind human. It really is better together!

We’ve got a good run scheduled ahead for the fall and I’m nearly bursting at the seams to see my teenagers after two years! All of our dreams are coming true, one by one, on a timeline ran by angels! I’ve been struggling to find and keep internet connection, but I will keep on updating the blog and uploading as I can. Hopefully we can get some solar power and a hot spot for the bus in the near future…

As far as tables go, seems like we are missing a few more things to make life a little easier on the bus. I miss having a dinning table, like I was raised with, AND Ayurveda has taught me that eating while setting on the floor is good for my dosha… so we are manifesting some simple solutions for dinning. We also have some cabinets to tear out and pantries and toilets to put back in….it’s a work in progress and I am in love with the adventure!
Stay tuned…..

Synchronicities, Organization and Rrrocket Stoves!

June 17th
This morning was a rush of synchronicities! I found art work from when I was in masage school that got pinned up ON MY WALL! Later, the steward of the land floated by for a morning hello and as we spoke of a news letter and it’s content, the art work nearly JUMPED off the wall! SO STOKED! This is a BEAUTIFUL place to park our wheels  while we organize and helping it grow is experiential wisdom for sure! There’s even a little one here I get to sew diapers for and a community that would LOVE to know how!
Story book bus is off n runnin!!
and so is our “rocket stove”!
Our steward, Song weaver performed a rocket stove demo and now there is this bad ass contraption in my front yard!
10405275_1434007550205200_6718314498071381102_n (1)She takes WAY LESS natural resource and runs HOT on naturally resourced fuel, FAST!
No more dickin around for morning coffee or hot water in the woods!
AND, I get to dig holes and make fire!
HORRAY FOR MERY SPRINGS and all her blessings!

We also got quiet a bit done with the bus today. It is such a peaceful feeling to be able to work and to also not neglect your family to do so!
After heading out of doors for some painting while some heavy duty things were moved around indoors, I came back indoors to see these doors!
Ahhhhh! THAT feels good! FINALLY I get to put these things away I’ve been lugign around in boxes for so long, waitin for one day. Le siiiigh…. “One dayyy, One Dayyyy, One Daay…”

And in the spirit of “bein real” , here’s what the back of the bus looks like. (things are a little more organized now. Taking shape more and more every day! YEAY!

10487442_1434000180205937_7581258161191898770_n (2)
10447744_1434099660195989_8619032155691757447_n10006613_1433999283539360_585582192916760078_n A little marigold and color magic makes momma happy! 10380314_1434014676871154_7027941239727956801_n (1)Annnnd….my cock just photo bombed the marigolds…..at least he has a place to rest his head these days!
Until then! Lovin you!!!

Bathubs, Pottys n stoves- oh my!

June 16 2014

Today’s adventure led us to a little inspector gadget work at home depot and as my hand reached out for the free flooring samples I could hear my 3 yr old exclaim …”arrrrms extendoooo!”

I began the creative juice flow by rollin through the lighting section. Theres something about walking slowly through those many different lights that gets my trip on and settles me like a babe. After gliding through the lights a bit I headed to the solar lighting. Many great gadgets there, powered by the sun. Some artsy, some classy, some fun.
From there I meandered over to the mini washer n dryer….measured, inspeacted, moved on…. the next stop was BATH TUBS! Well, I got in it don’t ya know?! Yep, I can fit me and a little one or two and maybe even have a baby brand new! With a giggle and a hop, down to the sinks was my very next stop. I like this one, doubles as a wash tub, we can even wash a baby in there, scrub a dub dub!
Now on to paint samples and free swatches, got two of each to make mobiles for watchin.
A wonderful way to get the vision clear, bringing a dream in to reality, making it real!
1559566_1434043530201602_1713062586741724692_nAfter we arrived home we set up the mosquito perimeter, put the marigolds by the bed, grabbed our showers and had our bellies fed!

When I began getting stoked for our bus, I drew up some floor plans that I just loved from this momma’s blog :Click here to see her awesome bus!
Tonight, once all was settled we walked the hall of the bus and imagined it all in to place. We found out that adding a full size tub and kitchen sink, counter space, cabinets, eco dryer and pantries as well as kitchen shelves a potty a stove AND a classroom, we would OPEN up space and LIGHT from the floor plan we currently have!!!! It already feels like a castle! Tomorrow, I’ll play with the flooring samples to get an eye for colors. 10462881_1434099316862690_3454193249628434377_n
I’m pretty sure I want to stick with the blue, green and orange from this plan and it looks like we will have more than one mural!
As I set here looking down the length of the bus, it makes my belly leap and my heart sing. Falcor the luck dragon has blessed me, yet again.
BTW, about 30 mins after we took the trip down story bus lane, my companion saw that on the back of my “scratch” paper where I drew the bus plan, was a mantra that just fell from my lips one day and I insisted be written down right NOW BEFORE it slipped away.
“The means and the place to keep us and feed us well.” MAGIC!


Anyone who knows anything about me will tell you how I love my coffee. Black, sweet gypsy brew oh my goodness thru n thru.
I’m a bit of a beast before I’ve had my morning share some say,
just a bit of joe to start my day!
Well, this year has been a year of faith. Just takin me cup and goin on faith. Ohhhhh sweeet faith! Thing about manifestation is…. it isn’t always on YOUR timeline! And, well, like I said…. I gotta have my joe before I’m gonna be fit for anyone to say hello…

Never more sweet Alice!
Never more!
Falcor comes to the rescue once again!
Electric hot plate, tea kettle, water, coffee, french press, VIOLA! We even got a fridge and cabinet full of fixins!
So, yes, this is proof positive that I’ve gone to heaven and maybe one day, I’ll be able to say ” Hey soul sister, bring over that cup, come on sweet sister, let me love you up!” to the next gypsy rambling by, with an empty cup…
and a look of faith in her eye!

Rainbow Son Shine

June 15
Kaleb’s birthday

Hopefully I will be able to find some coms today (I’ve been off line with my main/old machine for three days now) to tell him how blessed I am to have him in my life and give him an update on the bus! I know my older boys are so ready for an adventure with momma and we are so ready for them! It’s been a really long road with out them and I can hardly spread my message of cohesive families and rewilding our children with out mine, now could I?

All along the way we have been blessed with miracles. Everything we have asked for is coming to pass, the gratitude of it sending me to my knees at times, like the burst of childhood hope and joy I received this morning …

the bus EXPLODED in rainbows about 15 mins after I woke up. Long enough for me to run to the compost potty onsite and when I came back what was not before, was now. Rainbows EVERYWHERE!

Child like joy came bubbling out and up and I was immediately whisked to the bed room Raven and  shared shortly after his arrival on to this earth. It was a cheerful sunny yellow, spacious room in a home set on a hill, far far away in the land of the fae. We had prepared him a special basenet with a magical windchime mobile. Afixed to the mobile were representations of the elements…earth represented by a quartz crystal gifted to the child at his Wiccaning. The east facing windows were splashed with sunlight in the mornings, just about the time my little bird would wake, and laying beside me in the bed we would silently gaze at the rainbows all over the walls from his bassinet crystal and silently smile. My Son SHINE. A lullaby he shares with his big brother, Kaleb.

Raven hasn’t seen the bus yet either. It all has such Divine timing. My heart is exploding at the “work” ahead.

Beds to clean out, shelves to level, platforms to build and a kitchen to install, a little privacy potty and a soakin tub bout two feet tall, were gonna love it in to shape and baby, we gonna have it ALL!
p.s. I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet. (its brewin. Im happy. I smell it.) Life just KEEPS gettin better!